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We're here to help any business save money, and time, on their energy agreements.

A Full Range Of Energy Contract Management Services

Whether you are looking to renew your current contracts or have taken on new premises, we can help you to save time and money on your business energy usage.

If you have commercial premises which uses gas or electricity then we can help you to ensure that you are getting the best possible rates for your energy usage.  We will help you to avoid automatic rolled over renewals, out of contract or deemed rates, and if it would be better for you to switch supplier we will assist with a smooth transfer process from the initial termination request onwards.

Through a combination of our great relationships with energy suppliers, and our extensive experience and knowledge of the markets, we can assist and negotiate on your behalf.  We have access to unpublished rates and because we are dealing with multiple contracts at once we are able to obtain better prices due to the volume of business we are providing to the suppliers.

All we need are a few simple details about your premises and a Letter of Authority (LOA) from yourselves so that we can work with the suppliers on your behalf.  We can work with you on single sites or multiple site / group portfolios.

Alternatively you can get an online quote yourself without having to contact us or provide any LOA.  Just click through to our quotes page and select the option shown to get an online quote now.

Renewal Of Existing Agreement

It's never too early to start planning ahead for when your current contract reaches its end date.  Avoid automatically rolled over contracts and/or out of contract rates.

If you don't give termination notice on your agreement in due time, you are in danger of being 'rolled over' into an automatic renewal.  This could be for up to 12 months depending on the size of your business.  If you give termination notice but fail to arrange a new contract either with your current supplier or a new supplier, you risk being charged at out of contract rates.  We can help you to avoid these potential issues by planning ahead and handling the termination process for you and negotiating on your behalf with the current supplier and other suppliers.  If it would be beneficial for you to switch supplier we will arrange and monitor this for you to achieve a smooth transition.  In most cases we are able to beat your existing suppliers initial renewal offer.

Change Of Tenancy

If you've just taken on new premises, it's imperative to arrange new energy supplier contracts as soon as possible.

Moving into a new property can have enough headaches without you having to deal with energy suppliers and unscrupulous brokers.  Until an agreement has been made you will be on Deemed Rates which are higher than contract rates, and you will undoubtedly be fielding sales calls from various brokers and the existing supplier themselves, all offering contracts of varying lengths and prices.

We can take away the pain for you, but it is essential to start dealing with this situaiton asap.  We will help you to find out who the current supplier is, make sure their record of your details and moving in date are accurate, and we can then start to negotiate on your behalf.  It may be best to stay with with the present supplier, in which case we will aim to arrange a backdate on any new agreed rate.  If it would be more beneficial for you to switch supplier, we will make this process as quick and smooth as possible for you, by helping to arrange your new contracts and monitoring the switching process on your behalf.

If you have also left a previous property, we will help you to make sure that your supplier closes down your account correctly, and that any final invoice is accurate and billed to the proper reading and rate.

Free Energy Contract Review

We are happy to offer an energy contract review to anyone, without charge or any obligation to use any of our other services.

We don't like to see customers being ripped off.  There are many unscrupulous brokers out there and unfortunately some suppliers will let them get away with including high levels of commission in your energy prices.  This means higher than necessary prices for the customer and sometimes also being tied into unfair lengthy contracts.  We can have a look at your existing agreements and offer our expert and honest opinion on them for you.  We do of course hope that you will consider using us for any future requirements but can assure you that there is no obligation whatsover to do so.  We have seen too many customers being ripped off and are happy to advise if your present agreements look to be a good deal or not. 

A Service You Can Trust

With a fully transparent, open and honest service, you really have nothing to lose, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we can start helping you to save time and money on your business energy usage.

We believe that brokers and suppliers should be honest and declare any commission earned on your energy contracts.  If your broker has not provided you with an invoice for their services then it is most likely that your energy prices will also include their commission.  We do not charge you for our services but we are paid directly by the suppliers either as a one off commission payment, or they will pay us an amount which is included within your unit rates.  We will declare any commission amounts to you and we would urge you to ask any other broker to do likewise.

Who can we help?

If you are the responsible party for a business or commercial property (i.e. not residential or domestic) then we can help.  Below are some of the types of business and organisations that we can assist in obtaining a better deal on their gas and electric and to manage their energy argreements more effectively :-

Pubs  -  Nightclubs  -  Private Members Clubs

Shops  -  Restaurants  -  Cafes  -  Takeaways

Offices  -  Warehouses  -  Factories  -  Laborotaries

Hairdressers  -  Beauty Salons  -  Barbers  -  Tanning Salons

Garages  -  Workshops  -  Industrial Units

Gyms  -  Leisure Centres  -  Sports Clubs

Stadiums  -  Sporting Facilities  -  Arenas

Educational Establishments  -  Schools  -  Colleges  -  Universities

Music Venues  -  Theatres  -  Cinemas  -  Museums  -  Exhibition Centres

Places of Worship  -  Churches  -  Mosques  -  Synagogues  -  Meeting Halls

These are typical of just some of the premises we can help but if your type of property is not listed above then please contact us to check if we can help you.  Whether you have taken on a new property or are looking to renew your existing energy supply agreement, we can help you to obtain a great rate, and in most cases we can beat your existing suppliers initial renewal offer.


Suppliers and TPIs

We will help you to get the best out of your relationships

With 12 years experience of working with suppliers and TPIs in the areas of Sales, Broker Support, Pricing, Commissions etc., we are well placed to work alongside you and help to improve and build relationships and ensure that all parties are getting the best out of each other.  To benefit from our knowledge and experience please just get in touch and we can start to work together.

We look forward to hearing from you.