Yorkshire Energy Ltd

Commercial Energy Consultants

Saving you time and money on your business energy agreements.

Business Energy Procurement

Better contracts for your Gas and Electricty requirements at your business premises or any commercial property.

Let us take away the pain of having to deal with multiple energy suppliers and unscrupulous brokers.  We will save you time AND money by finding a supplier agreement which is best for you and not the one which we earn the most money from.  We offer a fully open and honest service with full transparency on how we are paid and any commission we may receive from the suppliers.

You can read more about how we earn our money and receive payment from the suppliers at our About Us page.


Choose from a full traditional broker service or use our online quotation comparison service to see prices now.

We offer a full personal consultancy service, whereby we will deal direct with the suppliers on your behalf, or you can use our online tool now to compare quotes direct from the suppliers.  With this 'DIY' platform you can get a quote, select a supplier and tariff, and sign up all in one place in just a matter of minutes.

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Who Can We Help?

We help business of all sizes from a range of sectors across the UK.

From small & medium businesses to larger organisations and public sector, and everything in between.  We can help you to save on your  business gas and electricity.  We can help with single sites or multiple sites and will work to your own specific requirements as necessary.  Get the best prices and deals on your utilities and start saving now.

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How Can We Help?

We will save you time and money by finding a supplier agreement which is best for you.

Whether you have just taken on a new property, or your existing contract is coming to an end, we can help you to obtain a great new rate.  In most cases we are able to beat your existing suppliers initial renewal offer.

And unlike some brokers, we will find you an agreement which is best for you, not the one which pays us the most commission.

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About Ynrg and why use us?

Our vast experience and knowledge of the energy markets combined with our great supplier relationships make us an ideal choice for you to trust and work with.

We believe in being fully open and honest with full transparency on how we are paid by the suppliers and how the commission process works.  If your broker is not prepared to explain how your prices are inclusive of their commission, or they are not declaring how much they stand to earn from your energy contract then you should probably find another broker.

Ynrg are a member of the Energy Ombudsman's Energy Broker Register scheme.  Ofgem has decided that suppliers must only work with Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), such as energy brokers, who are registered with a qualifying alternative dispute resolution scheme. 

Don't forget that when you use our services we are not just providing you with great prices which may not otherwise be obtainable, we will also help you to manage other stages of your energy contracts such as termination, transfer of supply, renewal and other querys and advice as necessary.

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