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We are always keen to hear from our customers about how the service can be improved. Whether it’s a simple suggestion of how we can improve certain processes or whether it is a complaint, we’d love to hear from you as we are committed to continuous improvement.

We have always been proud of our honesty and transparency and we welcome any steps to protect customers and to ensure full and whole transparency across the industry on pricing and other matters. A copy of our Complaints Policy is available by email or post for free upon request.

If you wish to raise a complaint, you can follow the below complaints process:-

Step 1 - Contact us via email at to explain what the problem is, please also include a contact telephone number which we can call you on. We will seek to resolve any issues promptly and get to the root cause of the issue.

Step 2 - If we are unable to resolve your problem over the phone or via email within 2 working days, then please email us again at with the Company name and meter number/s in the subject. This will be passed to another staff member who has not been dealing with the problem in the first instance. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and a different approach is all that is needed. We will log your complaint and issue you with a complaint reference number and the date it was received.

Step 3 - If we have not resolved your step 2 complaint within 2 working days of it being raised or provided a way forward with a timescale that you are happy with, we will escalate your complaint to our Managing Director.

Step 4 - After 10 days of raising the step 3 complaint, if we are unable to find a satisfactory solution that both parties are happy with, then we will take a break and look with a fresh pair of eyes and try and offer some other solutions.

Step 5 - Ynrg are a member of the Energy Ombudsman's Energy Broker Register scheme. Ofgem has decided that suppliers must only work with Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), such as energy brokers, who are registered with a qualifying alternative dispute resolution scheme.  They provide an impartial dispute resolution service to ensure that a resolution is reached. In the unlikely event, that after 8 weeks of trying to find a solution, we have not found a solution that both parties are happy with, we will issue the below email. This means that the complaint is in a state of ‘deadlock’ and an independent resolution is required from the Energy Ombudsman.


You can now access a free, impartial dispute resolution service to resolve your complaint

Complaint reference number: [XXXXX]

Dear [Customer]

Thank you for making us aware of your complaint. We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to resolve it yet.

We understand that your complaint was regarding [insert complaint info] and to date we’ve unfortunately been unable to address this, which has resulted in [insert effect info]. If you’d like to discuss this with us again then please email us at
Our office is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm. As eight weeks have passed since you first complained to us, you can now use Ombudsman Service’s free, independent, impartial dispute resolution service. They’ll ask you to provide all the details of your complaint and any supporting information you can, before asking us for the same. They then consider all the information to reach a conclusion on how to resolve your case.

Resolutions can include: an apology; an explanation of what went wrong; a practical action to be taken to correct the problem; and/or a financial award. You can choose to reject their resolution, but if you accept it, we must act, and resolve the dispute in the way they propose. You may contact the Ombudsman in any of the following ways:

Phone:0330 440 1624

Post:Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O Box 966, Warrington WA4 9DF

Yorkshire Energy Ltd.  Registered in England.  Company Number 11611824.

Registered Office Address 9 Princes Square, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, HG1 1ND