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About Ynrg, who we are and what we stand for.

About Ynrg and why use us?

Our vast experience and knowledge of the energy markets combined with our great supplier relationships make us an ideal choice for you to trust and work with.

Being from Yorkshire, we don't like to pay any more than necessary for our gas and electricity and neither should you.  While working for a commercial energy supplier, our founder became increasingly frustrated and disappointed at seeing just how much customers were being ripped off, with hidden and undeclared broker commission built into their prices.  He decided to set up Ynrg to offer a fair and honest service to anyone requiring commercial gas or electricity.  You do not pay us any fees, we are paid direct by the suppliers who are happy for us to bring them new business or to retain their existing customers.  We have access to unpublished rates and due to the overall volume of business we arrange this means that we are usually able to offer you a better deal than what you may receive direct from the supplier.  We offer full transparency on how we make our money and how much commission is included in any agreements we may arrange on your behalf.  If you choose to use another broker please make sure you ask them how much commission is included in your prices, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

Open, honest and transparent.

Some brokers don't like the fact that we are happy to outline how your prices are inclusive of commission or how much we earn.

Like any business we have to make money to survive.  We are here to help you and by using our services you will obtain great prices which are not openly listed or always available.  We have nothing to hide and we would strongly advise that if you are using any other broker that you ask them how much commission they are earning on your energy contracts and what level of commission is included in your prices.

Don't forget that when you use our services we are not just providing you with prices which may not otherwise be obtainable, we will also help you to manage other stages of your energy contracts such as termination, transfer of supply, renewal and other querys and advice as necessary.

If you would prefer that your prices are completely exclusive of any commission and that we receive no payment from the suppliers, then we are happy to work on a fixed fee basis and invoice you accordingly, please just ask us if this is your preference.

Ynrg are a member of the Energy Ombudsman's Energy Broker Register scheme. Ofgem has decided that suppliers must only work with Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), such as energy brokers, who are registered with a qualifying alternative dispute resolution scheme.

How are we paid?

We believe in full transparency on how we earn our money and below we explain how we receive commission from the suppliers.

When you use our services to arrange a new energy contract we will be paid commission by the supplier in one of the following ways:-

a) You ask us to act on your behalf and we negotiate with the suppliers for you - For most brokers this is the most common scenario.  Brokers are provided with 'price books' from the suppliers which work in a similar way to wholesale price lists.  Based on a number of factors, the broker will be presented with a 'base price' to which they will then add on their required commission in order to provide you the customer with a final selling price.  Below is an example of how this works :-

Gas Base Price = 7.50p/kWh (seven and a half pence per kWh)

Broker Commission = 0.5p/kWh (half of a penny)

Gas Selling Price = 8.00p/kWh (eight pence per kWh)

So in this example you are paying 8.00p/kWh (eight pence per kWh) and in turn the supplier will pay us 0.5p/kWh (half of a penny per kWh) for every kWh used.  The maxium commission we will include is 0.5p/kWh.  Beware of some brokers who will add on as much commission as they can up to any maximum level which the suppliers allow them to get away with.

As well as using 'price books' we may ask a supplier for a bespoke quote, and similarly to the above we will add on or ask them to include a maximum commission level of 0.5p/kWh.

b) You use our online DIY service to compare prices and complete the process yourself - In this scenario we will be paid a fixed amount which will vary depending on your contract length and your expected usage.  Typically the amount will vary from £50.00 up to a maximum of £250.00.  We will only be paid on successful switches and at the supply start date.  For multi-year contracts we will also be paid on the anniversary of the supply start date.  We will confirm the exact amount for you once we have had the figures confimed.